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Wet Foot Test. This is done by placing any of your foot in a bucket with water and stepping on a piece of cardboard afterwards. Take the piece of cardboard with the resulting footprint and match it with the much similar shape found in the pronation control chart. This will determine which type of shoes is fit for you.

Running is easy. Women like running because it is easy to do and only requires outfit and a good pair of running shoes. When running, you do not have to be in perfect form at once. Form can be developed with constant practice.

Today we see the changing role of women in our society. They are not anymore limited to just living along or in the shadow of men. Women find their own way of living independently as fellow human being with absolute rights and privileges.

Live longer. One surprising benefit of running is the chances of living longer. A study is made where two groups of people over 50 years old (one group are runners and the other group are not) are ask to fillQQout questionnaire every year concerning certain activities within 21 years. The conclusion is that in the group of runners the disability level was lower every year.

Trail Shoes Trail shoes are best shoes if you are doing offQQroad running. The shoes are built with traction to protect runners who run on rocky, uneven and wet terrains. Some designs are made to meet particular conditions such as mountainous or muddy terrain.

Stability Shoes These shoes give the slightly overpronate runners mild to moderate support. If you are more on cushioning and durability, these are the shoes for you. Although pronation is a foots natural motion, many runners pronate more than the normal. Therefore, runners need shoes to support their overpronation. Stability shoes are recommended for people with regular foot arches. These shoes are also for those that demonstrate mild to moderate overpronation and do not have any concern with motion control.

Beware of gimmicks. If shoppers are to follow what the experts are saying, they should not be looking so much at special features when buying the best womens running shoes. Not unless some running guru recommends that a gel inserts is necessary to your shoes, simply get the most basic running shoes and the one that you can afford.

Disease prevention. Experts concur that exercise when done regularly can reduce the risk of various kinds of cancer including breast, colon, lung and endometrial. A study concluded that people who are active have lesser chances of developing colon cancer. Moreover, vigorously active women (those who do aerobics, sports, running) have lower risk (30QQpercent) of breast cancer. Joggers have protection against stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, running can lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, and strengthen immunity to viruses and colds.

In order to choose the best womens running shoes we have three different tests that we can use in getting the level of pronation.

The sample product description illustrates the consideration extended to womens shoes in order to meet their specific needs. The mens running shoes have almost the same product description which now being shared by women. This is the answer to what is the best running shoe for women should be.

Features and Benefits: Bouncy underfoot comfort, lightweight, multiQQdirectional stretch mesh, stretch reinforcements, fullQQlength comfort, enhanced outsole durability, increased rigidity, asymmetrical design, comfortable upper environment

What is the best running shoe for women will be answered by taking into account the features common to both genders. The wet foot test of course is applicable, so as the other ways of determining running patterns, pronations, cushioning, stability and all other physical features.

A research is conducted where good numbers of seasoned runners were recruited to participate in a fiveQQmonth trial. The participants do training for at least one day a week using either running shoes with soft sole or the one with hard sole. When the study was concluded, no considerable difference in injuries was observed between wearing hardQQsoled shoes and softQQsoled shoes. This is contrary to the common knowledge that extra cushion is essential in preventing foot related injuries.


With the purpose of getting the cheap running shoes , we can choose among the different types of shoes used for running. The running shoes that you may be looking for can ll into one of the several shoe categories according to their construction and intended use.

The Wear Test. Observe the forefront area of the shoes outsole (from your current shoe you are using). The wear that is concentrated at the pinkytoe area tells that neutral shoe is needed. If the wear is toward the big toe area, you may need a support shoe.

Gives good workout. There are no other aerobic exercises matched running. Exercises using expensive equipment can make you workout hard, but running delivers the most sweat and burn more calories. Running also provides effective workout. It encourages the heart to work harder by squeezing blood towards the heart every time you make a stride.

Try shopping at smaller stores. Sometimes major department stores cannot provide the specific shoes you need. What you can do is to try shopping at smaller specialty stores or in local running stores. These stores employed knowledgeable store assistants to help shoppers get the right shoes according to their running needs.

The tedious part of knowing the best womens running shoes is the testing of the foot. This is necessary in order to get the correct shoes for your feet. One important aspect to find the best running shoes is to know the level of pronation.

Lessen the stress. Runners can testify about their stress being busted by their running. Accordingly, one runner said that his running effectively release tension in the neck, shoulder and back. As everything starts to loosen up, it makes him think clearly. In ct, mental health experts used running to help in the treatment of clinical depression and various psychological disorders.

Running being a personal quest or workout is no exemption to womens development. We can see volume of womens sports products being poured in the market. The question what is the best running shoe for women can now be fully addressed.

Sport shoes are special type of shoes created for various sporting activities such as basketball shoes, football shoes, tennis shoes and running shoes.  Running enthusiasts who are looking for the best womens running shoes and cheap running shoes for their sport activity have to consider some important aspects in order to get the shoes suitable for their needs. The aspects to consider for good running shoes are the outsole, midsole, and the upper of outer body. The outsole, which compose of two types of rubber is responsible in supporting the movement of the feet and allow the heel to run efficiently. The midsole, which composed of two types of cushioning materials properly support the running shoes. Finally, the outer body; it is made using heavyQQduty leather together with a lightweight mesh. This upper part of the shoes brings stability, comfort and right fitting. It is composed of the heel counter, Achilles notch and toe box.

Buy several pairs.   Not unless you take shopping as a hobby, it is quite tiring to go back in shoe stores every time a new model of running shoes become available. Experts recommend shoppers to buy several pair at once. At least, the shoes you will get are those that have the right fit for you.

Some of these product considerations are related to size, weight, built and overQQall difference in the foot features. What is the best running shoe for women will depend on the implementation of these differences. One immediate difference they can see is the built of womens foot, which is narrower towards the heel. The feet of women are generally smaller compared to that of the mens. They cannot see any big issue about the colors and overall graphics.

Therefore, if running is beneficial to women, it is a very good reason why they should continue to do running and get for themselves the best womens running shoes.

Getting the best running shoes for women is not very easy, but things can be learned. There are several types of shoes available today for diverse purposes. The main types of shoes are categorized as formal shoes and the other is casual shoes. The formal shoes are most appropriate to wear in the office and when attending formal gatherings or events. Casual shoes on the other hand, are best to use for daily activities and other nonQQformal purposes. Elegantly designed shoes, which are made from fine materials, are shioned for stylish look. Other types of shoes are made to provide essential protection to the feet during strenuous activities such as running.

The following are some of the reasons why women do running.

Treadmill Test. In performing this test, you need to place a video camera behind the treadmill that is focusing on your feet and legs. Watch the resulting video in slow motion in order to see the amount of inward rolling of the feet during the running cycle. If the foot and leg are in a straight line, no add ional support is need to your feet other than what the present shoes provide. If the leg and foot are in different angle, there should be an additional support. When looking for the best womens running shoes, it is advisable to choose pronation support according to the foot that shows the most degree of pronation.

Category Type: Get guidance/support needed in keeping running strong and stable. The shoe is a perfect pick if the runner have average arch, however wants extra support and cushioning.

Lightweight Shoes These shoes are made for stQQpaced training. Runners who do marathons can also use lightweight shoes. Comparing with standard shoes, lightweight shoes response better, and they offer cushioning and stability as well.

Racing Shoes These shoes are very light and have minimal cushioning. Racing shoes are made for st training and short distance racing.

In meeting the needs of women for running shoes, product designers have to consider many aspects of the shoes that are exclusive to them, although there are still features and specifications that they can share from their male counterparts.

Natural Motion Shoes Natural motion shoes supports running style that is the same with running barefoot. These shoes allow foot muscle and joints to move naturally and encourage midQQfoot strike. Natural motion shoes have several types, and some of which are worn like gloves in the foot. The other types look similar with traditional running shoes and offer minimal cushioning and flexibility.

This is true in almost everything nowadays whether be at home, work, leisure places and even in the choice of sports or workout. Women are able and wanted to do the things that only men are doing before, and they are really enjoying it.

Do not make assumption on shoe size. The reason why you are taking some testing before buying the best womens running shoes is simply to make sure that you are getting the right shoes. Same goes with the measurement, you can ask for assistance to get the exact measurement of your feet as a guide to know which shoe size is right for you.

More women today are showing great interest in running than any other time in the past. It is evident by the outpour of products for women that are related to running. There must be some good reasons why women are become inclined to running. These reasons are important in considering the best womens running shoes effectively.

Spikes Spikes running shoes have two types, the crossQQcountry spikes and the track spikes. The track pikes are further classified to distance spikes, sprint spikes and jumping spikes. The crossQQcountry spikes offer superior grip over grass, mud and snow. Spikes shoes are lightweight and have less cushioning.

People can learn much from research and guide them on what to do accordingly. The same is true when buying the best womens running shoes. According to study, the shoes cushioning is good, but you would not need any extra padding because it does very little help to your feet. Running shoes with effective shockQQabsorbing materials can prevent injuries, but not any better comparing from other regular running shoes.

Motion Control Shoes These shoes are best in support and the most rigid shoes with efficient control and reliable stability features. The motion control shoes are recommended for runners with low arches and exhibiting moderate to excessive overpronation. The shoes are also for heavier runners that require shoes with high durability.

Consider length and width. When running, feet require breathing room. Therefore, when buying the best womens running shoes consider getting a shoe size that is at least half an inch longer. Several brands of shoes offer wide range of shoes at different sizes.

Womens ASICS Be in awe. The legendary women shoes have just got better. Be amazed of more luxurious update. Enhance cushioning to treat your feet through the introduction of new shoe element to the midsole, which provide plusher feel. New design works in perfect harmony with the shoe and more responsive base. Get a customized fit and have a blend of stable support and comfort. The overpronators can enjoy extra support from ASICS GELQQKeyano.

Lessen knee related injuries. Running does not harm your joints. Accordingly, the ctors that contribute to the occurrence of osteoarthritis are age and body weight. It is one reason that obese women are more at risk of osteoarthritis. Running also bolster cartilage through increased oxygen flow, flushing out of toxins, and strengthening ligaments around the joints. Running strides boost the bones that help in preventing osteoporosis.

Therefore, tobuythe best womens running shoes one can be guided by what she feels is the best for her. An expert suggests some tips when shopping for running shoes to be sure the shoes can go a long way without hurting your foot.

Let us see a product description and literature of womens running shoes being offered, just to give an example.

Running gear for women, especially the running shoes are being improved consistently. The reason may be is the continuous quest of product developers to answer the question what is the best running shoe for women is.

Pronation is the act of the arch lengthening, which result to an inward roll of the foot upon contact with the ground. When the foot rolls inward than expected outward, it is overpronation and it may lead to injury. Running neutral or supination (outward roll) needs neutral shoes. Moderate overpronation require support shoes, and for sever overpronation a motion control shoe is necessary.

Running shoes are distinctly designed and categorized to serve every purpose. It will be less difficult to get the best womens running shoes by applying shoe categories on your selection.

Give shoes a test run. If they can test run the car, so is the running shoes. Buyers can ask store assistant permission to try shoes before buying them. Maybe you can run a little in the store vicinity just to make sure you will be getting the running shoes with the right fit.

Cushioned Shoes These shoes are built for those biomechanically neutral runners. Cushioned shoes have small amount of added stability than that of stability or motion control shoes. If your foot is characterized with high arches and do not overpronate, cushioned shoes is definitely for you.

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